Storage, Distribution & E-Commerce Solutions

Eldred Group Rail Services:

With the rail industry in the UK expanding due to the investment from the government, Yorkshire has become the logistics hub of the UK. We have expanded our support/services with the rail industry because it is complementary to our existing business.

The way in which we support the rail industry is by supplying various solutions from open storage to a full warehouse pick direct to line side. We also support companies within the rail industry through:

  • SAP trained staff
  • Quality control at all stages
  • Sub assembly work
  • Cycling counting
  • Kitting
  • KPI’s

Case Study

We are supporting a Rail organisation that has over 13,000 employees. This organisation approached us to support their growing business because of our prime location and also our facilities to support the logistics of warehousing, picking and collection of parts away from their premises due to their increased workloads.